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Auction Departments


Fine and Antique Furniture and Clocks

From fine period and modern furniture through to mantle and long-case clocks, our team has extensive knowledge in both the valuation and sale of such items by auction.


email: furniture@cuttlestones.co.uk


Silver, Jewellery and Watches

Our experts can identify and value your fine silver, jewellery and watches; whether well-known brands and makers or by more obscure, provincial firms, and help to realise the best possible price at auction.


email: silver@cuttlestones.co.uk


Oriental and Works of Art

With the irrepressible rise of the Eastern economies, the values of oriental works of art Oriental works of art have recently rocketed. From ivory figurines through to ceramic vases, furniture, paintings and textiles we can research, value, market and sell Oriental art works to a global marketplace; courtesy of our online cataloguing and live internet bidding services.


email: oriental@cuttlestones.co.uk


Ceramics and Glass

Over the years, the Cuttlestones team has amassed vast knowledge in this incredibly diverse field. We can identify and provide valuations on everything glass or ceramic from the functional to the purely decorative, from the mass-produced to the incredibly rare; and from the truly ancient to the very modern.


email: ceramics@cuttlestones.co.uk



From imposing oil paintings through to dreamy watercolours and intricate pen-and-ink studies, the Cuttlestones team has vast experience in the valuation and sale of a diverse range of works of art.


email: pictures@cuttlestones.co.uk


Toys, Railwayana and Collectables

Cuttlestones has extensive knowledge in the field of identifying and valuing collectables; from the massively diverse fields of toys and railwayana through to more unusual collections  farm machinery, aviation, film and entertainments memorabilia; you name it, we can value it and, if required, market it for sale to its niche target market.


email: toys@cuttlestones.co.uk


Militaria, Medals and Coins

Militaria, medals and coins cover a hugely diverse, yet very collectable range of items. Within the Cuttlestones’ team we have extensive knowledge of military history and are always keen to research and value items with a view to marketing them to the most relevant audience.


email: militaria@cuttlestones.co.uk


Sporting Memorabilia

While often a very niche collectors’ marketplace, the world of sporting memorabilia can, depending on the item, produce lots with incredibly broad appeal. Our experience means that we can spot items that are likely to appeal to either hardened collectors or more generally to sports fans and provide a valuation and market them for sale accordingly.


email: sporting@cuttlestones.co.uk


Stamps, Books and Ephemera

From individual stamps to entire collections and from a single antique or first edition tome through to a full library of books we can provide a comprehensive valuation service. We also specialise in the valuation and sale of ephemera including post cards, old photographs, historical ledgers, maps, letters, entertainment paraphernalia and more…


email: stamps@cuttlestones.co.uk


Fine Wines and Spirits

The collection of fine wines and spirits can be a lifetime’s passion; our experts can value anything from a single bottle through to the contents of an entire cellar and, if required, organise a specialist auction for its sale. Our expertise covers fine wines and ports, whiskies and champagnes to name but a few.


email: wines@cuttlestones.co.uk


Home, Garden and Collectors

It’s not just conventional fine art, antiques and collectables that can be sold through Cuttlestones; over the years we’ve sold everything from wedding dresses to farm machinery, boats to aircraft and cars – alongside white goods, modern furniture and garden items.


email: home@cuttlestones.co.uk

Auction Dates

Fine Art & Antique

Friday 3rd June '16
Penkridge Auction Rooms


Home & Garden

Wednesday 8th June '16
Penkridge Auction Rooms

Catalogue available 7th June


Home & Garden

Wednesday 1st June '16
Wolverhampton Auction Rooms


Specialist Collectors'

Friday 12th August '16
Wolverhampton Auction Rooms

Catalogue available 5th August


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