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Friday 2nd December 2016

Sale starts Friday 2nd December 10am


  • Thursday 1st December 10am - 7pm
  • Friday 2nd December 9am - 10am

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Lot 220

A SELECTION OF THREE PRONGED FORKS AND KNIFE, some engraved with a fleur de lys to the handle and carrying maker's mark I.W (7)

Estimate: £100-150

Lot 221

A HALLMARKED SILVER PAGE TURNER - LONDON 1897, having scrolling foliate decoration with half flute detail to handle, maker's mark SJ, ebonised 'blade' a/f, L 42 cm

Hammer price: £30

Estimate: £15-30

Lot 222

A NATHANIEL MILLS HALLMARKED SILVER DOUBLE SIDED CASTLE TOPPED CARD CASE, featuring Kenilworth Castle on one side and Warwick Castle to the other, date mark indistinct but possible 1836? approx weight 65 g, H 9 cm¦
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Hammer price: £550

Estimate: £500-800

Lot 223

A BRITANNIA STANDARD SILVER HELMET CREAM JUG, of plain form on a squared silver base, carrying lion's head and Britannia stamps and maker's mark MF, approx weight 154 g, H 13.5 cm

Hammer price: £60

Estimate: £40-60

Lot 224

A HALLMARKED SILVER INKWELL BY GOLDSMITHS AND SILVERSMITHS CO LTD - LONDON 1915, having a central banded column with five quill holders to the top and a large flat circular base, approx weight 360 g, Dia 15.5 cm

Hammer price: £120

Estimate: £60-100

Lot 225

A HALLMARKED SILVER TWIN HANDLED PIERCED GALLERY BON BON DISH - BIRMINGHAM 1926, with classic early 20th century panelled styling, approx weight 105 g, W 16 cm

Hammer price: £45

Estimate: £30-50

Lot 226

A HALLMARKED SILVER CREAM JUG BY NATHANIEL APPLETON AND ANN SMITH - LONDON 1782, having slight hammered finish and shaped rim, approx weight 86 g, H 12 cm

Hammer price: £60

Estimate: £60-100

Lot 227

A WHITE METAL WHALE BONE TODDY LADEL, the bowl having probable later floral decoration and inset with coin dated 1731, L 32 cm

Hammer price: £38

Estimate: £30-50

Lot 228

A PAIR OF CLAM SHELL SALTS BY GEORGE UNITE - BIRMINGHAM 1884, each sitting upon there supports in the form of fish, W 5.25 cm

Hammer price: £70

Estimate: £30-50

Lot 229

A HALLMARKED TWIN HANDLED SUGAR BOWL - LONDON 1899, having typical half fluted decoration with rope twist style band at three quarter height, maker's mark CSH for Charles Stuart Harris, approx weight 159 g, W 14 cm

Hammer price: £65

Estimate: £30-50

Lot 230

A HEAVY PAIR OF HALLMARKED SILVER KNIFE RESTS, having typical X form ends with bobbin style cross bar, maker's mark R.P for Robert Pringle, date later indistinct but possibly London 1899, approx combined weight 129 g, W 8 cm

Hammer price: £35

Estimate: £30-50

Lot 231

A HALLMARKED SILVER CREAM JUG - LONDON 1810, decoration very rubbed and carrying some old repairs, approx weight 155 g, W 12.75 cm

Hammer price: £45

Estimate: £30-50

Lot 232

A CASED PAIR OF HALLMARKED SILVER TWIN HANDLED TROPHY SALTS - BIRMINGHAM 1904, having typical half fluted decoration, maker's mark CW, approx combined weight 68 g, W 9 cm

Hammer price: £35

Estimate: £20-40

Lot 233

A CASED PAIR OF HALLMARKED SILVER TWIN HANDLED TROPHY SALTS - CHESTER 1911, of plain form on a footed base, makers mark C.C, together with two matched salt spoons by the maker, approx combined weight 64 g, W 8.25 cm

Hammer price: £45

Estimate: £30-50

Lot 234

A HALLMARKED SILVER CHALICE BY MAPPIN AND WEBB - LONDON 1914, stamped to the base 'REPRODUCTION CHARLES I 1669', approx weight 515 g, H 25 cm

Hammer price: £210

Estimate: £150-250

Lot 235

A 925 MEXICAN SILVER VASE CANDELABRA - the central vase having a candle holder either side, approx weight 216 g, H 24 cm

Hammer price: £100

Estimate: £80-120

Lot 236

THE WEDNESBURY CHARITY FOOTBALL CUP BY WALKER & HALL - BIRMINGHAM 1879, a large and impressive trophy cup with scrolling acanthus twin handles, banded stem and stepped footed base leading to an ebonised base with silver plaques engraved with previous winners of the cup. The lid is finished with a decorative finial figure of 'Charity'. To the front of the main body of the trophy there is an early engraving of a football match in play with the ball coming in from the sideline toward a group of footballers with a bearded goalkeeper between the flag topped posts. The other side is engraved with 'Charity' attending to two children with the motto 'Charity upon whose kind maternal breast, the sheltered babes of misery rest'. Either side of this are the crests of Wednesbury and Staffordshire. The base has engraved plaques with past winners of the trophy whose notable include - The first winners Stafford Road, Wolverhampton 1880, Nottingham Forest 1883, West Bromwich Albion 1894, Walsall Town 1886, Wolverhampton Wanderers 1888, Singers FC - Coventry 1892, Walsall FC 1913, then a break for the Great War, Walsall winning three times 1921, 1922 and 1923 and up to the last winners Cradley Town 1991

Hammer price: £7250

Estimate: £3000-5000

Lot 237

A CONTINENTAL WHITE METAL TRAY, decorated with a village farming scene, approx weight 486 g, W 28 cm

Estimate: £150-250

Lot 238

SIX IRISH HALLMARKED SILVER RAT TAIL TEASPOONS, five are by Patrick Moore - Dublin 1829, and the other is dated 1824 - maker's mark C.M, approx combined weight 117 g

Hammer price: £65

Estimate: £50-80

Lot 239

A MATCHED SET OF FIVE GEORGIAN IRISH HALLMARKED SILVER FIDDLE PATTERN FORKS, together with a London example, various dates and makers, approx combined weight 232 g, L 17 cm

Estimate: £100-200

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